Thursday, August 25, 2011

Take Flight Leadership Aviation

Take Flight Leadership Aviation program provides aviation education and scholarship resources for minority students who are interested in aviation careers. The program is developed by the legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen and Bessie Coleman by giving underprivileged adolescents the opportunity to achieve their future aviation careers through workshops, exposure to countless aviation occupations, as well as professional responsibilities.

She has donated two murals to BCAL depicting Bessie Coleman and Ida B. Wells. She has painted over 50 murals in different State's school, churches, and Museums.
Jacqueline degree's BA, Design Arts and Management at AI The Art Institute of Colorado, Argosy University Master of Science in Management program Colorado, and motivational speaker. She volunteers to help children see beyond their dreams. To let them know that they can fly a plane. The Legacy of Bessie Coleman and the Tuskegee Airmen will live on through the Take Flight Leadership Aviation program.

The student's workshop is the Antique Airplane Association of Colorado at their Taylorcraft restoration workshops near Longmont. This is where the students learn how to build real airplanes with other students.

The requirements for receiving their wings include good grades, A or B average, and most of the students are in honor programs in school.  They are also involved in   community service, helping others, knowing the history of Tuskegee Airmen, and Bessie Coleman.  Here is the most important rule they must follow. They cannot get into any trouble or disrespect their parents, and must do all of their homework and household duties.

 Graduation the wings serve as motivation to keep the youth focused through the sacrifices they must make. I hope this program will help student's see beyond barriers. Their ages are 10-16 males and females.

This year our students got to go to New Mexico to see the Rocket Launch. It was a great experience. We hope to be apart of the next science project as soon as we find the money.
I would like to thank all my supports, and volunteer's who help keep the vision of education positive.
God is good I thank him for all of you that see the vision. I thank all my student's for letting me be apart of your lives. We will "Take Flight"

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